SeaWeeds is a Band...

... of friends from Minneapolis Minnesota.  We play 'our music', SeaWeeds music, which consists of our originals along with select covers reimagined to the SeaWeeds style.  Of which, style, is perhaps described as indie, alternative, groove, jam music.  Decades of gigs in all styles of venues from beer joints to ballrooms to concert stages meld together for THE sound.  The SeaWeeds sound.

SeaWeeds is:

Brent Mastel - Lead vocals

Martha Kirby - Vocals

Tony Guscetti - Drums

Keefe Russell - Bass/vocals

Paul Sonda - Keys

Randy Wideman - Guitar/vocals


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SeaWeeds Song Streaming

Click Play at bottom of screen to hear original SeaWeeds songs, recorded with our friends at 8VB studios in Minneapolis:

Weight of the World

Can't Make Things Right

Break Free

Hot Lovin'

My City


Still Running